Tree Lopper Bordertown

When a tree’s integrity is compromised by issues such as poor structure or failing limbs, opting for tree removal may become necessary.

Nelson’s Tree Services specialises not only in tree removal but also in providing expert assessments of tree safety and integrity.

We can assist you in determining the most appropriate solution for your tree removal needs, which may include:
– Structural instability
– Presence of dead branches or significant limb loss
– Damage to trunk or roots
– Infestation by insects
– Rot

Before attempting any D.I.Y. tree removal, it’s crucial to prioritise safety and consider potential damage to surrounding properties.

Our team comprises fully qualified professionals who are insured and equipped with top-of-the-line tree lopper equipment.

Serving Melbourne, western Victoria, and south-east South Australia proudly.

For all your tree service needs, contact us for a no-obligation quote
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