Tree Removal

When the integrity of a tree is compromised by either poor structure, failing limbs or leaning in a direction that may cause damage to property (or individual), sometimes your best option is Tree removal.

Nelson’s Tree Services are qualified in both Tree removal  services, but also certified in providing advice on the safety and quality of the tree’s structure before this option is required.

We can assist you in the best outcome for your tree removal and there are a many reasons why a you may require this service.

  • The tree is structurally unstable
  • There are several dead branches or a main limb has died
  • The trunk or roots are damaged
  • Insect infestation
  • Rot

We urge that before you undergo any DIY attempt of any tree removal – you consider the safety of yourself and neighbouring property.

Our team are fully qualified, insured and carry work out using only professional Tree Removal equipment. We specialise in crane work for the tricky hard jobs with our well-trained experienced staff. We use rigging to safely fall limbs and trees by reducing the force of the impact and to land it into a safe zone.

Proudly servicing Melbourne and regional western Victoria. and regional south-east South Australia.


For all tree services, please contact us for an obligation free quote or call 0428 833 232

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