Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is a technique that removes the thin and unstable branches from a tree in order to decrease its density.

This may be necessary if some of the smaller branches are becoming brittle and snapping easily, or if the canopy is overshadowing some of the smaller plants which don’t receive enough light to grow.

Weight reduction can help thin out the canopy and therefore increase the amount of light that is able to pass through the tree towards the undergrowth, supplying other plants with enough energy for survival.

A tree with less density also minimises the effect of heavy winds. After reducing its weight, air can pass through easily and not put as much strain on the tree.

As the trunk is the largest section of the tree, shorter branches via Weight Reduction also mean that the gravity of the tree is focused more on the trunk.  This will help to maintain stability in extreme wind conditions.

It’s advised that, when a tree requires weight reduction, a specialist such as Nelsons Tree Services should be engaged as they will can asses the best outcome with correct equipment .

Note: Tree handling can be very dangerous – a large tree will require branches to be cut from precarious positions and doing so manually may cause injury.

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