Removal of Dead Wood

Throughout a tree’s lifetime it will likely have Dead Wood at some point.

Dead Wood can be detected if its dry and brittle, also with dead branches that are not able to bend easily with the wind.

It is a hazard to keep dead wood, especially if it has already partially broken.

Partially broken branches most often occur from a storm with heavy winds. These can spontaneously snap off the tree and are a potential to cause injury or harm to property and individuals.

Extracting Dead Wood from a tree can also leave open wounds to the tree and create further damage.

Branches with large girths will often have a longer healing time because the gaps that need to be sealed have a larger surface area.

During its healing stage, these gaps can cause the Tree to become subject to fungal growth and insect infestation. If this occurs, Tree Pruning, or alternatively Tree Removal, are the safest options.

At Nelson’s Tree Services, we provide experienced tree surgeons who carry the correct tools to carefully and safely remove Dead Wood.

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