Elevating Work Platform

Our Elevating Work Platform (E.W.P.) reaches up to 15 meters in height, and up to 7.5 meters horizontally away from the base. It’s a track driven machine that allows us to access nearly any site whatsoever, including difficult to reach areas.

Our EWP allows our trained arborists to treat the canopy of trees without causing damage to fragile limbs. The tower can reach above the canopy or treat horizontal branches that hold the weight of a climber. The EWP provides pruning access to trees that can’t be climbed at all.

Machine Model: Nifty 150T Elevating Work Platform.

Nelson’s Tree Services would be more than happy to offer routine maintenance or a one-time trimming.  

EWP Hire

Machine Model: Nifty 120T Elevating Work Platform. Can reach a height of 12.2 metres in height and up to 6.1 metres horizontally.

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